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2057, 01 Feb 16

McGee Returns

What’s less surprising… that McGee would return to politics in Milwaukee as if nothing happened or that so many other Milwaukee politicians want to be associated with him?

McGee, who served time in prison after being convicted of taking bribes and other crimes, returned to City Hall on Monday for a rally aimed at encouraging people to vote in the upcoming spring election.

“This is the worst place for black folks, and black people, no matter how much money you make,” McGee told the crowd. “It’s time for us to really just take the city over — we’re one of the biggest ethnic groups. And it’s time not just for black folks, but all people of color in this city, to unite around changing our conditions.”

McGee said the push to encourage people to participate in early voting, which started Monday, was just the beginning of his “We Built This City” movement. Flanked by people holding signs and wearing shirts featuring a photograph of black workers at City Hall in 1895, McGee said the “city was built on the backs of black people.”

McGee was joined at the rally by representatives from Pastors United, the Nation of Islam, mayoral candidate Ald. Joe Davis, Ald. Milele Coggs, and other Common Council candidates.


2057, 01 February 2016


  1. Dan

    McGee, Sharpton, Holder, Obama, Jackson, Lynch….Can’t tell them apart without a scorecard.

  2. Mark Maley

    You can’t tell the darkies apart without a scorecard ?

  3. Dan

    Geez, Mark, you a bit racist?
    How about you can’t tell those racist, criminals, liars and amoral people apart. Is that better?

  4. Mark Maley

    It”s just odd that’s that the only folks you mentioned are black .

    And it’s the blacks you can’t tell apart without a scorecard .

    I took that as a racist statement that you either want to apologize for or were proud of .

    Which is it ?

  5. Seeker

    Surprising a college employs someone who throws out racial slurs like that.

    Guess a phone call is in order Wednesday.

  6. The Bystander

    Hmmmmmm. Speaking of racists, criminals, liars and amoral people, can you tell Kelly Rindfleisch., Tim Russell , Darlene Wink, Kevin Kavanaugh, Bill Gardner, Brian Pierick apart?

  7. Northern Pike

    David Duke, Ted Nugent, George Zimmerman, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker … can’t tell them apart without a scorecard.

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