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2143, 20 Jan 16

Aurora and Marquette Partner to Build Research Facility

This is fantastic news! It’s great to see some major private development in Milwaukee.

Aurora Health Care will partner with Marquette University and the Milwaukee Bucks to build a $120 million Athletic Performance Research Center, transforming a largely vacant area on downtown’s west side.

The state’s largest health care system, Aurora will invest $40 million toward the 250,000- to 300,000-square-foot research facility, Marquette University President Michael R. Lovell announced Wednesday. It’s the single largest partnership investment by Aurora in Milwaukee, and the Jesuit university’s most ambitious building project ever.

The facility will span four city blocks bordered by N. 6th St, 10th St., W. Michigan St. and the Marquette Interchange. It will be about the same size as the downtown Wisconsin District convention center, and a third the size of the new Bucks arena. It will include an indoor track, a lacrosse field and indoor golf practice area.

Lovell announced his vision for the research center a year ago, stating that it would support elite intercollegiate and professional athletes, academic research, and campus health and wellness initiatives. He also said the Bucks would play a key role, though that role hasn’t been specified. Lovell said Wednesday the Bucks “will be contributing in some way to the overall cost and scope.”

Beyond Aurora’s $40 million, the rest of the money will come from private fundraising, Lovell said. Toward that end, Lovell granted the university’s chief fundraiser and retired president Father Robert A. Wild the honorary title of chancellor.


2143, 20 January 2016


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