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1925, 16 Jan 16

On Time. Under Budget.

That’s how Aggies do it.

The Kyle Field redevelopment project, which wrapped up last year, came in $1.3 million under budget.

The final cost of the construction, sent out in a Wednesday news release, was about $483 million and came in $1,315,522 underneath the Final Guaranteed Maximum Price that was proposed in November 2014.

“We not only met every deadline, including the formal Substantial Completion Date of September 9, 2015, but we delivered the largest collegiate athletic construction project in history at more than $1.3 million under budget,” Billy Hamilton, executive vice chancellor and chief financial officer of the Texas A&M University System, said in the release.


1925, 16 January 2016


  1. T of B

    Trying to figure out the math – $1.3 million a lot of $$, but on $483,000,000 seems like that is the equivalent of using a $0.30 coupon on a $100.00 grocery bill.

  2. Hello

    I don’t disagree, but how many times are people willing to come in under budget and not just spend the money on anything they can make up

  3. Mark Maley

    None of that will matter if the coach can’t find a QB

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