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0657, 04 Dec 15

West Bend District 3 Alderman Changes

From the Washington County Insider, Alderman Ed Duquaine is not running for reelection.

“I will be filing non-candidacy papers and stepping down from my District 3 seat in April,” said Duquaine citing construction of a new home outside the district in the Town of West Bend.

“We likely won’t be moving out of the district until 2017. Although I would love to continue serving the citizens until the day I move, I am not willing to burden the taxpayers with the cost of a special election mid-term.”

Duquaine was first elected in 2010, replacing Richard Lindbeck.

Duquaine has been a tremendous conservative alderman. West Bend is far better off for his service. Thank you, Ed.

As a salve to this bitter news, someone has already pulled the papers to run for the seat. Again from the Washington County Insider:

Candidate files to run for Dist. 3 alderman: Checking in with city clerk Amy Reuteman, it looks like Mike Chevalier has pulled papers to run for District 3 alderman in the city of West Bend.

Incumbent alderman Ed Duquaine told the Washington County Insider he would be filing non-candidacy papers because he is building a house outside the district. Duquaine’s term will be up in April 2016.

Chevalier is president of MCR Services LLC in Richfield. He served on the city’s Value Task Force from July 2011 – April 2013, was a former president of Common Sense Citizens and is a member of the West Bend Sunrise Rotary.

Chevalier is a solid conservative and a worthy heir to Duquaine’s legacy. We don’t know if anyone else will run for the seat, but I’d wager that Chevalier will be difficult to beat.


0657, 04 December 2015

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  1. Mark maley

    I am keen to guess what type of conflict of interest the new conservative brings the city

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