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1624, 01 Dec 15

Barrett Announces for Reelection


Tom Barrett sent an email to potential contributors Tuesday morning officially announcing his bid for re-election in 2016.

Barrett was first elected mayor in 2004 and was re-elected with more than 70 percent of the vote in both 2008 and 2012. The Democrat lost to Republican Gov. Scott Walker in a historic recall race in 2012.

In his email, Barrett says he’ll work to create more family-supporting jobs and continue the battle against gun violence and build partnerships between police and the neighborhoods.

Can anyone make a rational argument for Barrett’s reelection? He’s been the mayor for over a decade and what are the results? Crime is bad. The population is declining. Taxes and fees are up. Barrett hasn’t been responsible for any major new economic development. I suppose you could credit him for a piece of the new arena for the Bucks, but that was mostly driven by other folks. MMSD is still dumping poop into the lake.

Seriously… what is the justification for reelecting Barrett? Is Milwaukee any better off after a decade of his “leadership?”


1624, 01 December 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Campaign slogan:

    “Barrett: DNR endorsed poop dumping since 2004!”

  2. old baldy

    “kevin scheunemann: Factually challenged since birth”.

    Please provide facts to back up your statement. Provide details and sources. Include the history of the MMSD, who manages it, permit conditions, and how it is operated. Use facts, not opinion.


  3. Kevin Scheunenann


    Fact: MMSD has constantly dumped poop in the lake since Barrett’s election.

    Fact: DNR has done little to stop it, especially relative to the overbearing standards and actions DNR my takes against surrounding communities.

    Fact: DNR has far lower clean water standards for MMSD than it does for Kewaskum.

    Fact: DNR allows MMSD to pollute by not holding MMSD to same impossible standards it holds communities upstream.

    I rest my case and declare DNR a co-conspirator in MMSD’s pollution!

  4. old baldy


    None of the points you claim as fact are supported by any background information. They are nothing more than your biased and uninformed opinion.

    Fact: MMSD discharged more untreated waste during the reagan, Bush I and cheney/bush administrations.

    Fact: You are doing your constituents in Kewaskum a disservice by being so uninformed and unwilling or unable to learn.

    Fact: Other communities can meet the “overbearing” water quality standards that kevin continues to complain about.

    Fact: kevin has never provided any information or proof of his allegations regarding the “overbearing” regulations imposed on Kewaskum.

    You have a pretty poor case if you rest it on your spurrious allegations. Sure mark of a loser.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    So MMSD is successful because they dump less poop than in the 80s…but still more poop than everybody else?

    That’s hilarious.

  6. old baldy


    You just don’t seem to understand anything, ANYTHING, about the WPDES permitting system. And what is amazing is that you continue to display that ignorance on a public forum. I no longer believe this is willful ignorance on your part but an inability to learn. Not that you should be condemned for that inability, but it is disappointing that you continue to proudly display your shortcomings without any hesitation. To paraphrase Twain, “Keep silent and be thought a fool, open your mouth and remove all doubt”, fits you to a T.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    I understand.

    There is one system to allow MMSD to dump poop with impunity.

    Then there is the other standard, where surrounding communities can’t fart in the wind without being fined or threatened by the DNR.

    Do you deny there is a completely different, much more lax clean water standard for MMSD relative to Kewaskum?

    If you deny that, you would be the one that needs a reality check.

  8. old baldy


    Your first two sentences are blatantly false.

    The rest of your comment is again a tribute to your wanton lack of comprehension of WPDES regulations. And now you have brought in the CAA. This will be a lot of fun showing your ignorance regarding that set of Federal regulations. Tallyho !

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