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1836, 19 Oct 15

Democrat Proposes Automatic Increases to Gas Tax

Um, no. I prefer that my elected representatives take positive action and take a stand before they raise my taxes, thankyouverymuch.

A state lawmaker wants to restore gas tax indexing. “All we’ve been doing lately is putting everything into bonding, and that credit card approach means that my children and their children are going to be paying for roads that they’ll never drive on,” said state Representative Robb Kahl (D-Monona). “I don’t think that’s a fiscally conservative way to approach this.”

Lawmakers voted to end gas tax indexing 9 years ago. Kahl’s legislation would restore the indexing of the gas tax beginning on May 1, 2017. Any increase in the tax would go into effect only if the Joint Committee on Finance either approves the increase or takes no action. The Joint Finance Committee, by vote, could prevent an increase from going into effect.


1836, 19 October 2015


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