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1941, 15 Oct 15

Walker’s Finances

At the end of the day, Walker’s campaign was like him… fiscally conservative.

Gov. Scott Walker raised $7.4 million during his brief time as an official candidate for president, according to his campaign finance report.

The report, posted at the FEC site, shows Walker spent $6.4 million during the third quarter. He had $985,213 cash on hand at the close of the period, which ended Sept. 30.

The guv also listed $161,133 in debts and obligations.


1941, 15 October 2015


  1. Recess Supervisor

    Yeah, he’s not in debt to the tune of at least a million bucks and I’m the friggin’ Pope. What campaign do you know of – especially one as badly run as this one – that doesn’t have a pile of unpaid bills waiting for it at the end? But on the plus side, it’s good to see that he was paying his twenty-something sorority girl comms aides salaries of $150k+ a year to clarify/correct/revise every stupid thing that came out of his mouth. They earned every penny.

    He found ways to get every one of his hangers-on onto his payroll, even his kids. This campaign was the political version of Brewster’s Millions. Maybe he issue some bonds to pay it back?

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