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2038, 06 Oct 15

Walker Urges More Borrowing for Transportation

Ummmm… no.

Gov. Scott Walker urged Republican lawmakers Tuesday to authorize an additional $350 million in borrowing to help pay for road projects that are delayed for lack of funding.

I think it’s comical how this is stated as a bad thing.

Democrats have called for a special session to address transportation funding issues. Rep. Robb Kahl, D-Monona, announced Tuesday a proposal to reinstate indexing the gas tax to inflation, which the state discontinued in 2006. He said if indexing hadn’t been eliminated, the gas tax would be 6 cents per gallon higher today.

I remember how hard that was to get passed. If it weren’t for the repeal of gas tax indexing, every Wisconsinite would be paying an extra 6 cents per gallon. It’s a good thing that gas tax indexing was repealed – not a bad thing.



2038, 06 October 2015


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