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1307, 04 Oct 15

UW Colleges Reorganize

While it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is interesting that they made the choice to hire 100% from within. With a completely new structure, some outside blood may have helped shed off the old internal structures.
The University of Wisconsin Colleges announced today who the four new regional executive officers/deans for the University of Wisconsin Colleges will be as the colleges move forward with a plan to adapt to massive budget cuts.
Under the new model, the 13 UW Colleges campuses will be grouped into four regions, with a single executive officer/dean for each region. One associate dean will be located on each campus and will oversee day-to-day operational needs.

The following leaders were selected for each region:
• Southeast Region: Jackie Joseph-Silverstein (currently CEO/dean at UW-Sheboygan)
•  Southwest Region: Charles Clark (currently CEO/dean at UW-Manitowoc)
• Northeast Region:  Martin Rudd (currently CEO/dean at UW-Fox Valley)
• North Region:  Keith Montgomery (currently CEO/ dean at UW-Marathon County and interim CEO/dean at UW-Marshfield/Wood County)


1307, 04 October 2015


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