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0959, 27 Sep 15

Supreme Moore Omokunda’s Lunacy

I see that this nut didn’t fall far from the tree.

I’ll start with the weirdest moment of the meeting.  Supreme Moore Omokunda closed the meeting with a special privileged request to honor John Coltrane who is dead and would have had a birthday on September 23rd – if he was still alive. The jazz master’s best selling album was “A Love Supreme” and Moore Omokunda said he grew up on listening to this album and misunderstood the lyrics to say – I love supreme – which he reminded people is his name and the supervisor said he did love himself.

So if I got the story straight Supreme Moore Omokunda who was born Sowande Ajumoke Omokunde but has also gone by the monikers of Supreme Solar Allah and Supreme Solar Allah listened to John Coltrane sing A Love Supreme, misunderstands the lyrics, but likes them because at some point in time in the future he will change his name to Supreme and this is the reason he used a special privilege to close the county board meeting in honor of Coltrane.

Recall that Supreme is the son of Congresswoman Gwen Moore. Before being elected to the Milwaukee County Board, his main accomplishment was slashing the tires of Republican vans in 2004 in order to suppress the vote.

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0959, 27 September 2015

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    The one Democrat more embarrassing to Democrats than Hillary!

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