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1246, 30 Aug 15

Kevin Kennedy Responds to WSJ Article

Let’s deconstruct this, shall we?

MADISON, WI – Kevin Kennedy, director and general counsel of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, today issued this statement:

“I am not going to dignify the Wall Street Journal’s opinion column with any comment,

Oh the indignity! Except that his statement saying that he’s not going to offer a comment comes in a press release that he issued for the express purpose of offering a comment.

except to state that it contains no facts showing that I or the Government Accountability Board did anything inappropriate or out of the ordinary given the agency’s statutory responsibilities.

Except that it does. It contains the actual emails where a GAB lawyer was taking a partisan stance and coordinating the campaign messaging of a Democrat with the public statements regarding a criminal investigation. Where in the statutes does it say that the GAB is supposed to work with the Democratic candidate for governor and the Democratic DA of Milwaukee to coordinate their messaging? I must have missed that statute.

I think any discussion about the structure or mission of the G.A.B. should be done through the legislative process.

So the public isn’t supposed to discuss the GAB? Public discourse about them is disallowed? Yes, the legislature needs to take up the GAB’s structure and mission, but that does not preclude public debate of the same.

I am always glad to answer questions of legislators who wish to articulate a specific concern about the agency’s actions, although I am not free to comment on matters that are presently the subject of lawsuits or are confidential by statute.”

Notice that he is glad to answer questions from legislators, but not the public. This taxpayer-funded appointee thinks it is beneath him to actually respond to the public he is supposed to serve.

Kevin Kennedy has no credibility and is certainly not unbiased. He needs to go.


1246, 30 August 2015


  1. Fairs Fare

    Not a Kevin Kennedy supporter nor do I believe the GAB acted with an appropriate level of integrity, ethics or even morals. However, if the partisan stance of an appointee is to be questioned shouldn’t that apply to all government officials whether appointed or elected. With that in mind, the partisan stance, emails and actual convictions racked up by the Walker staff far outweigh Kennedy’s statements or actions. Is it suggested that Kennedy be replaced with a new appointee who is unbiased and nonpartisan? Maybe if we took politics out of public service we would all be better off. If not, it will continue to be the same old shit show and one that is staged by both parties. Time for change!?

  2. Mark Maley

    Partisanship only comes from Democrats FF
    You know that !

  3. dad29

    I must have missed that statu[t]e.

    No, Owen. You missed the penumbras and emanations of that statute.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    The whole idea of regulating campaign finance is problematic to free speech and provides a hurdle to to entry in political races by average electors.

    Has anyone read all the WI campaign finance memos/”booklets”? It’s voluminous.

    I understand nearly all of it, but only as a result from years and years of exposure to the diseased socialist legislation.

    Campaign finance legislation is generally a complete waste of time.

    If it can’t keep the billionaire lunatic George Soros out of the campaign….it’s campaign regulation not worth having.

    To me, influence by corrupt foreign socialist billionaires is the biggest problem. So we need to unfetter everyone else in this country from campaign finance constraints to counter the anti-American evil he funds.

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