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0651, 24 Aug 15

Wisconsin’s Fully-Funded Pension Fund

Interesting. The “Wisconsin’s pension fund is fully funded” has been the mantra for years by Democrats and Republicans. It depends on how you forecast the future obligations and account for risk.

The NCPA report cites the oft-repeated notion that Wisconsin’s state pensions are 99.9 percent funded. At State Budget Solutions (SBS) we believe this figure is overly rosy. Using a fair market valuation, we conclude that Wisconsin’s pension system is only 67 percent funded. Even by generous accounting standards, this rate is woefully inadequate. It should be acknowledged, however, that relative to other states, Wisconsin’s funding level is markedly superior.


0651, 24 August 2015

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  1. Gee

    Not interesting.

    Instead: Incorrect — unless you really are going to believe SBS? Based on what credentials and record? Or based on its bias and backers?

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