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1442, 08 Aug 15


Woman Receives Slap on Wrist for Embezzlement

What a weak sentence for a habitual thief.

Waukesha — A soccer mom who stole more than $12,000 from the New Berlin Soccer Club after she already embezzled from an employer will serve six months in county jail with work release privileges as part of a five-year probation sentence.

Barbara Olson, 41, now of Burlington, has paid back the money, and about $32,000 of some $40,000 she owes to her former employer, a Brookfield property management firm, money she used to maintain her family’s lifestyle.

During a sentencing hearing Friday in Waukesha County Circuit Court, Assistant District Attorney Andrea Will recommended some prison time for Olson, given the fact that she was stealing from the soccer club at the time she confessed her prior embezzlement from Decker Properties in May 2009.

So she’s stolen over $50k in the past few years and she gets jail with work release? Pathetic.


1442, 08 August 2015



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