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2051, 05 Aug 15

2nd Amendment Advocates Challenge Illegal Milwaukee Rule

Good for Nik Clark and Wisconsin Carry.

MILWAUKEE — The police showed up to deal with a group of people armed with guns at a public facility — and concealed carry advocates say what happened next is against the law.

The group of people showed up at a waste disposal facility on Lincoln Avenue in Milwaukee on Tuesday morning, August 4th to try to prove a point. They believe they should be able to go to the outdoor, city of Milwaukee-run center with their guns in tow.

Signs on city property warning people to leave their guns at home have become a common sight at places like the Milwaukee Public Library. There is a sign posted at the waste disposal facility on Lincoln Avenue — but concealed carry advocates feel they should be allowed to carry there, because it’s an outdoor, public facility.


“The city is not allowed to ban concealed carry on this property,” Nik Clark, the chairman of Wisconsin Carry said.

A note to the reporter… it’s not that “they believe they should be able to go to the… center…” It’s the law.



2051, 05 August 2015


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