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2013, 03 Aug 15


Holmes Get Closer to Death Penalty

Good. If anyone deserves it, it’s this thug.

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) — Jurors on Monday moved one step closer toward sentencing James Holmes to death for his Colorado movie theater attack, taking less than three hours to reject arguments that the former neuroscience student’s mental illness means he should not die.

 The decision clears the way for one last attempt from both sides to sway the jury, with gripping testimony from victims about their suffering and more appeals for mercy for the man convicted of murdering 12 people and trying to kill 70 more during the 2012 assault at a Batman movie.

2013, 03 August 2015


1 Comment

  1. Kevin scheunemann

    Wow. Isn’t “thug” the new code word for racism in the liberal lexicon?

    This story is proof that a “thug” is just that: A criminal deserving punishment for their evil acts. It has nothing do do with skin color.

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