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2200, 31 Jul 15

Judge Dismisses Justice’s Suit

No shocker here. One must ponder the legal mind of a Supreme Court Justice who files what are essentially frivolous lawsuits.

A federal judge on Friday dismissed Shirley Abrahamson’s lawsuit aimed at regaining her position as chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Abrahamson and five people who voted for her at her last election as chief justice sued shortly after voters this spring approved a constitutional amendment that allows the court to elect who serves as its chief. Previously, the job went to the justice with the most seniority. Abrahamson had held the post since 1996.

In his order granting the defendants’ motion to dismiss, U.S. District Judge James Peterson said it was not the federal court’s place to decide Abrahamson’s claim of interpreting the amendment to take effect only at the end of her current term in 2019.

“Constitutional provisions are drawn with broad strokes,” Peterson wrote. “There is no requirement that a state, in restructuring its government or the powers and duties of its officials by means of a constitutional amendment, do so with super-clarity to protect the interests of the officials or voters whose interests might be impaired.

“Unless its actions are plainly unconstitutional, Wisconsin has the authority and autonomy to restructure its government without interference from the federal government.”


2200, 31 July 2015


  1. Dan

    Shirley has shown that she has no concept of law as the lawsuit had no chance of succeeding.
    She is a poor loser and even worse justice. Thank goodness the Federal judge, an Obama appointee, showed some common sense, even for a liberal.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Many liberal justices show a contempt for the electorate. Here is just another example. WI constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man one women being another big contempt for the electorate.

    I’m just amazed an Obama appointee put an end to this one. Peterson might lose his liberal contempt for the electorate card, which would make him persona non grata at the political correctness meetings.

  3. Terry

    Ironic that a liberal activist judge swears to uphold the constitution of the state of Wisconsin then sues to overturn it.

    And liberals shut their traps and lie about Prosser…

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