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1501, 27 Jul 15

Burger King Surging

Much of the decline of McDonald’s has been blamed on their inability to capture the American consumer as their tastes change to healthier and more diverse options. But the growth of Burger Kind on the back of deep fried chicken and BBQ pork menu options puts a dent in that argument.

Burger King is winning: Whatever Burger King is doing, it’s working. Same-store sales soared nearly 7% during the second quarter. McDonald’s would kill for that kind of growth. Despite claiming “early signs of momentum,” McDonald’s U.S. sales fell 2% last quarter, contributing to a global dip of 0.7%.



1501, 27 July 2015


  1. Captain Ned

    Two words:

    Chicken Fries.

  2. apc

    Owen, did you see where Fast Company named Whataburger the best burger chain in the country? If you’d like, I could go and have one tonight in your honor.

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