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0751, 16 Jul 15

Wisconsin Supreme Court Ends John Doe Investigation

In a long ruling settling several cases at once, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has forcefully and completely ended the John Doe investigation as unconstitutional and outrageous.

To be clear, this conclusion ends the John Doe investigation because the special prosecutor’s legal theory is unsupported in either reason or law.  Consequently, the investigation is closed.  Consistent with our decision and the order entered by Reserve Judge Peterson, we order that the special prosecutor and the district attorneys involved in this investigation must cease all activities related to the investigation, return all property seized in the investigation from any individual or organization, and permanently destroy all copies of information and other materials obtained through the investigation.  All Unnamed Movants are relieved of any duty to cooperate further with the investigation.

Good. Now the rogue prosecutors need to be held accountable.


0751, 16 July 2015

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Chisolm is just liberalism in its full ugliness!

    I’ve seen it at University level.

    Liberalism in full practice is ugly, oppressive, and disgusting.

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