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0658, 11 Jul 15

Rogue Agency

Now that the budget is done, it is time to turn attention to the GAB.

The co-chairs of the Joint Finance Committee today called on GAB Director Kevin Kennedy to resign following a report the agency had been in touch with the IRS during a secret investigation into coordination between conservative groups and Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign during the recalls.

“We have completely lost confidence that the GAB can be trusted to operate in a non-partisan manner for the citizens of the state of Wisconsin with Kennedy in charge,” the co-chairs said in a press release. “In order for the GAB to return to its original mission, Kevin Kennedy must go.”

As the article shows, the Republicans’ bone-headed attempt to restrict the¬†release of open records in the budget will make it more politically difficult to tackle the GAB, but it must be done. This agency and it’s director are out of control.


0658, 11 July 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    GAB, Lerner’s local liberal Stalinist secret police!

    Liberals cheer the GAB/IRS/Chisolm attacks on free speech. That is what really disgusts me.

  2. Mark Maley

    Read the article
    WSJ editorial without substantiation of any kind .

    I thought it was liberals who attacked the messenger when the facts don’t work

    The unattributed editorial comes right before
    The Guv announces for president .

    That means the campaign has finally gotten
    The coordination with outside groups

    Which is what they were going for in the first

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    There it is, liberal cheering for GAB and IRS attacks on free speech.

    I thought liberals used to stand for free speech.

  4. dad29

    MM, the WSJ ain’t gonna publish that sort of information without evidence. They CAN be sued if it’s false.

    So it’s true, and not very surprising.

    I think impeachment is a helluva good idea, followed by 90 days in the stocks, then banishment to…..oh, well……Afghanistan. They have Kennedy’s type of elections there.

  5. Mark Maley

    Dad , I think you are referring to the issue raised in “Absence of Malice ” ( great movie with Paul Newman and a killer cameo by Wilford Brimley.

    The WSJ editorial page is free to offer their opinions . That is a far looser environment than straight news reporting .
    I salute the Walker Campaign for not F Ing this up . They have has a horrible 30 days , distracted as they were by their boss running to be the President of Iowa .

    It reminds me of the dilemma Mitt had going after Obamacare after his state was the genesis of the program .
    The Guv can rail about Hillary’s emails , then will have to explain how he was out of touch in Iowa when Open Records laws were under assault in his home state , then admit that , yeah , I probably did sign off on that .

    “Unlike Hillary though, I was doing this for a good reason ”

    Which was ?

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