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0648, 01 Jul 15

Milwaukee Bus Drivers Strike

I wonder how many more drunks are going to be driving away from Summerfest because they can’t take the bus? In any case, the drivers are reminding Wisconsinites why unions suck.

MILWAUKEE —Milwaukee County Transit System drivers walked off the job at 3 a.m., beginning a 72-hour strike. The union said it’s holding a “work stoppage” and will return to work at 3 a.m. Saturday.


“Today, when push came to shove, they asked for $8 million over two years, so I guess the question would be for them, ‘Why have you been telling everybody it’s not about the money. Why did you approach the county executive last week and yell, ‘It’s not about the money.’ And you just asked for more money.’ I mean, if was about the money, be honest about it, but I think that they are trying to publicly bargain for some reason,” Conway said. “Just be honest. You make good money. Fine. We’re not begrudging you that. We’re going to give you a raise. We were just asking you to pay a little more for your health care.”

The latest contract offer from MCTS included a 7.6 percent raise over the next two years, including a cost of living adjustment. Hourly wages would increase from $23.78 to $24.45 in two years.

Union workers were also asked to pay for more health care.


0648, 01 July 2015

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  1. Paul

    And the State Fair is a month away!

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