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2157, 06 Jun 15

Wisconsin Democrats Choose New Leader


Wisconsin Democrats have chosen a newcomer to lead their party: Sheboygan businesswoman and community activist Martha Laning.


It was only last year that Laning became an official member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. But she capitalized on her outsider status at a time when Democratic activists, reeling from a string of recent, high-profile defeats at the polls and in the halls of the state Capitol, are eager for change.

I see that the Democrats have chosen ideology over experience or competence. That bodes well for the future of Wisconsin.


2157, 06 June 2015


  1. Kevin scheunemann

    Business woman and a Democrat? Is there such a thing?

    Does that mean one supports taxing and regulating one’s own business out of existence?

    If not, that certainly would mark a big change when it comes to the total war on small business and jobs in this state supported by anti-prosperity liberals.

  2. Duke

    I followed very closely the State Senate race between her and Devin Lemahieu. Lanning’s depth of knowledge of business was perhaps exemplified at a debate between the two in Manitowoc, where she made a zinger comment regarding minimum wage something like, “Well, Wal-Mart certainly cares about it when they see the price of their stock on the stock market.” All the ignorant democRats at the forum laughed, thinking she really nailed Devin on that one.

    She completely missed the fact that the stock market is for trading stock between stock owners, not trading between Wal-Mart and stock owners. The only concern they have is the name and address to send the dividend checks to, unless they are contemplating a new stock issue.

    Her understanding of how business works is perhaps exemplified by the manner in which she was “resigned” from her last job as a fund-raiser for a community project; her understanding of politics is exemplified by the way she “won” her last election, by a margin of about a -20%. Yeah, this is someone we want lining-up candidates for office to run our state – NOT!

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