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0713, 28 May 15

Proposal to Consider Locating State Agencies Outside of Milwaukee and Madison

It’s an interesting proposal.

One change to Gov. Scott Walker’s 2015-17 budget proposal requires the Department of Administration to solicit lease options outside Dane and Milwaukee counties “before signing or renewing any lease for space.”

DOA would have to prepare a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether the state could save money from moving a state agency, department, division, bureau or office to a new location outside of the state’s two largest counties.

It is a good idea. Notice that it does not require that DOA move government offices outside of Milwaukee and Dane Counties, but it requires them to consider it. For some things, it may make perfect sense for them to be located elsewhere. For others, it may not. But it’s worth considering, no? These are agencies that serve the whole state. Unless there is a tangible reason for them to be located near the capital, like proximity to the legislature or something, we should consider dispersing our government throughout the state.


0713, 28 May 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I nominate the Bureau of Protection from liberal 1st Amendment perversion/denial be located outside of Madison.

    ….as soon as we get around to creating this essential state agency.

  2. insagtman

    This was an amendment to the budget that I filed, and I have to admit that I originally felt that this had no chance to get into the budget. Lo and behold, your current State Assembly is more conservative than even I realized. My peers loved this motion, as the hope is we can start hiring staff for state agencies from more conservative areas of the state. Currently Madison liberals are the prospect pool for government jobs, and now this is going to start slowly changing going forward.


    Bob Gannon, State Rep, 58th District

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Great Job Bob!

    Take a dime out of petty cash!

  4. Jadedly Unbiased

    Not sure if government jobs should be located where there is less demand. I think this would add to costs. Government is usually centrally located for practical reasons. By admission, Mr. Gannon has shown that the driving force behind this is to limit the liberal prospect pool for these jobs. In effect limiting liberal input. This should not be the function of government. All Americans, Wisconsinites in this case, should have equal opportunity and an equal voice. I’m sure there are plenty of qualified conservatives in the Madison and Milwaukee areas but I don’t know how many will be qualified in the more rural counties that don’t have a workforce geared to this specific need. Consider workspace availability and I can see more costs. Training programs will add more costs. Relocating government offices…more costs. I thought we were trying to reduce spending. What happens to the employees currently employed? Will they be laid off or offered the opportunity to relocate. State and federal law may dictate those options… More costs. I’m very disappointed by the insider view shared by Rep. Bob Gannon. With all due respect It just doesn’t seem like well thought out legislation. Maybe I just need to know more.

  5. Jadedly Unbiased

    An extra note, I know some states and the city of Madison have laws on the books protecting people from discrimination based on political party affiliation. I’m sure at some point someone would challenge the legality of hiring only conservatives or liberals for that matter… More costs.

  6. Northern Pike

    I suppose Republicans are foregoing the fiscal estimates because as Rep. Gannon proudly points out, the Republican Party is about rewarding friends and punishing enemies.

  7. insagtman

    Ah, my friends, this lovely tool called the internet will be saving your fellow residents tax dollars. Madison & Milwaukee are the two most expensive cities in Wisconsin for office lease rates, and a part of that inflated price is due to the government’s insistence on gathering there.

    With technology this is no longer necessary, thus we can house those same agencies anywhere in the state, allowing other communities to share the government’s largess, while allowing citizens from all over this fine state the opportunity to work for your uncle sugar.

    Heads are exploding in Madison liberal circles as this came out this morning, while those of us in the balance of the state are investigating how we can get some of that government money and jobs in our community.

    I have wondered why the Corrections Dept. has a massive headquarters in Madison, when the majority of the prisoners are in the Central or East Central part of the state? Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the facility where the inmates and employees are, and then use the internet to report to my committee at the Capitol? Think of all thee money your state could save if the building was in Waupun or Oshkosh instead of Madison?

    Repeat this same scenario agency after agency, and you will see where the savings are located.


  8. Jadedly Unbiased

    Mr. Gannon,
    You specifically state an objective of getting away from the liberal prospect pool in Madison and hiring staff from more conservative areas. I’m assuming the intent is to hire more conservatives. Is this a fair assumption?

  9. Dan

    Raise your hands if you actually believe that insagtman is really a Wisconsin legislator.

  10. Jason

    Maybe there are some Democrats who would like to open a branch office in Northern Illinois?

  11. Jadedly Unbiased

  12. Stiles

    Given that a majority of leased state office square footage and a majority of state employees are already located outside of Dane and Milwaukee counties, this is not going to be exactly a sea-change.

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