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1356, 02 May 15

Walker Signs Uber Law


Late Friday night, Gov. Scott Walker’s office announced that he has signed into law a set of regulations for Uber and similar ride companies, over the objections of Dane County Democrats alarmed by recent misconduct allegations against drivers.

Walker said in a press release that the law would provide safe transportation options and that the state Department of Safety and Professional Services would create appropriate rules.


1356, 02 May 2015

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  1. Hello

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some facts about the ownership of the taxi cab companies and where their political donations go. I haven’t taken a cab in Madison for several years, but back when I did it was very obvious that what existed was a monopoly that hurt the consumer. I remember waiting over an hour for a car on several occasions. The result may be that taxi cabs no longer exist. That’s okay, the result of innovation in business will produce casualties.

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