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2211, 07 Apr 15

West Bend School Board Results In

This is an interesting result. One incumbent out; one in.

West Bend School Board (2 seats)

100% reporting
Name Votes Vote %
Monte Schmiege 3,696 36%
Therese M. Sizer (inc) 3,346 32%
Vinney Pheng (inc) 3,259 32%

What this shows is the value of campaigning. Schmiege was the only candidate who really got out there and campaigned and the results show it. Also, he campaigned as a strong conservative and was rewarded in this conservative district. He’ll do a great job on the board. Congratulations to both of the winners and a heartfelt “thank you” to Vinney Pheng for his service.



2211, 07 April 2015


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