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1614, 01 Apr 15

Stroebel Advocates Repeal of Prevailing Wage Law

I’m happy to see my soon-to-be state senator forcefully advocating this reform.

Yes, difficult budgetary decisions will have to be made, but the decision to eliminate the antiquated prevailing wage requirement need not be one of them.  Good government demands this common sense reform.
The prevailing wage is an artificially inflated wage that by state statute applies to nearly all public works projects in Wisconsin.  It is a wage determined by a government bureaucracy, not by true competition in the marketplace.  It is protectionism at its worst that unnecessarily costs local taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

1614, 01 April 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann


    This will law will finally stop hurting the poor and middle class.

  2. Kevin South

    Great-now lets get rid of all the minimum mark-up laws!

  3. Dave

    Yeah great. Pretty soon we will be able to drive down wages to levels in China then we can put up nets around the factories so when despondent workers try to jump off the buildings to put an end to it they can be put back to work. The race to the bottom continues. We continue to do everything we can to assure that middle class wages are suppressed.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Add previaling wage laws to unreasonalbe DNR mandates, that equals water and sewer bills the poor and middle class cannot afford!

    It’s a crime what liberals have done to water and sewer bills in this state and they should stop warring on the poor and middle class.

  5. Dave

    You’re right Kevin. Water and sewer bills are bad. Why? Because we have not kept up with infrastructure needs in the last 40 years or more and rather than than just updating through general tax revenues or even property tax revenues municipalities increase the user fees for water and sewer. Maybe we just need to go libertarian and only have clean water for those that can pay. But then maybe we need to get ready for cholera epidemics.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is the most foolish thing I have ever heard.

    In Kewaskum we had a 30 year old sewer plant that was meeting all clean water regs. We had one dump on an 8 inch rain deluge from a another construction project the DNR mandated moving the sewer pump station. construction left a main hole off and the river ran into the man hole. that was enough for DNR to mandate a new sewer plant (as if the $4 million pump house move was not costly enough) which cost Village $7 million. These 2 mandated TRIPLED sewr rates.

    Unlike Milwaukee MMSD we had clean water all the time. If we would not have been mandated to move pumphouse, that small “dump” (which was all river water anyway from the flood) wouldn’t have even happened.

    Now, the DNR wants to crank down phosphors limits to 10 times more strict. I attended a solution to new phosphorus mandate in village of Slinger that works, but costs $4 million!!!!

    the solution is a filter with sand charged with all kinds of corrosive chemicals. I asked what happens to phosphorus in filter. answer: it just gets dumped into sludge which goes in farm field which will more than likely run into watershed anyway. This is the most insane thing I ever heard. Punish the poor and middle class to insane phosphorus levels and dump it on farm field anyway.

    For those that are not familier with this issue, farms are largely responsible for any phosphorus in watershed to begin with.

    So Dave, I have never seen such an uninformed opinion on why water and sewer rates our outrageous.

    The DNR is knocking these communities down one by one like Kewaskum and destroying the poor and middle class to having affordable water.

    Its not an infrastructure problem…our sewer infrastructure could have easily ran another 30 years without DNR interference and kept clean water perfectly to the current standards.

    So don’t cry “infrastructure” when it is not!

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