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1731, 28 Mar 15

Wisconsin Supreme Court Cancels Oral Arguments in Doe Case

This is a very interesting decision. One can see how difficult it would have been to hold the oral arguments and still preserve the secrecy provisions of the affair.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday canceled next month’s oral arguments on three cases related to the secret investigation into Gov. Scott Walker’s 2012 recall campaign and said it will decide the issues based only on written filings.

The court had scheduled arguments for April 17 and April 20. But in its order late Friday afternoon the court said, “it is neither legally nor practically possible to hold oral argument.”

The three cases relate to a John Doe investigation into whether conservative groups illegally coordinated with Walker’s recall campaign in 2012.

Unnamed parties have filed two lawsuits challenging the probe’s validity. Prosecutors have filed another action seeking to reinstate quashed subpoenas that halted the investigation more than a year ago.

The arguments before the Supreme Court, which are routinely open to the public, were expected to be awkward, given that much information remains shielded from public view, including names of petitioners.

The court had asked attorneys for everyone involved to come up with a plan for proceeding. They had suggested that public affairs network WisconsinEye could broadcast the arguments on a delay so secret information could be deleted out. But WisconsinEye wouldn’t agree to that.


1731, 28 March 2015


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