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1849, 24 Mar 15

Legal Activity Going On!

Here’s a lengthy, hyper-partisan article that is very heavy on innuendo and very light on showing any wrongdoing.

The contributions by Menard, made in 2011 and 2012, were uncovered among hundreds of emails and internal documents seized by state prosecutors in the course of a wide-ranging criminal investigation into whether Walker’s campaign committee violated state campaign finance laws — including those requiring public disclosure — by funneling large donations to outside, nondisclosing advocacy groups, such as the Wisconsin Club for Growth, with which they were believed to be closely coordinating their efforts, sources knowledgeable about the investigation told Yahoo News.

So the story is that people anonymously gave money to groups who advocated for their beliefs and interests. That is perfectly within their rights to do and those rights have been affirmed by the Supreme Court. In fact, there is nothing more quintessentially American than people spending their time and money to advocate within our political system. Yet, somehow, it’s a scandal.

The only real scandal here is that an activist Democratic D.A. has abused his office and forced public disclosure of what was supposed to be constitutionally protected anonymous political activity.


1849, 24 March 2015


  1. foo

    Which Supreme Court affirmed this?

    The article says the Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear the case next month.

    Feeling clairvoyant tonight?

  2. Kay

    Sad that we learned about this from a national news outlet and not a Wisconsin based news outlet.

  3. Steve Austin

    Oh what we might have learned if the Justice Department had bashed down the doors of the Clinton home in New York and seized their server back in 2012 like Chisholm’s raiders did to conservatives here in Wisconsin.

  4. dad29

    Ummmnnnhhhh….since leaking those documents is a criminal act in itself, Kay, it’s a REAL shame that no Wisconsin news outlet has demonstrated any curiosity about the leaker. Schmitz? Landgraf? or Chisholm?

  5. Mark Maley

    The author is not a partisan.

    He is a real journalist who has broken stories harmful to all sides of the political spectrum.

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