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2131, 18 Mar 15

Schmiege Responds to Finke

Last week one of the local lefty columnists penned a column slamming all three candidates for the West Bend School Board for being too conservative. Two of the candidates are already on the board and one, Monty Schmiege, is challenging. There are two seats up for election. In particular, Finke singled out Schmiege for being the most conservative – a badge to be worn with pride for someone seeking elected office in conservative Washington County.

Anyway… Schmiege responded and found some areas where he and Finke might actually agree – much to Fincke’s chagrin.

I am wary of charters except for alternative styles of education, such as the local Pathways charter and education in a safe and affirming environment.  I am not in favor of for-profit charters or non-profits fronting for for-profit businesses.

As far as vouchers are concerned, yes, I welcome the opportunity for low-income parents to choose the education they think best for their children.  I caution schools that entertain accepting vouchers to carefully consider the strings attached to the vouchers, lest they sacrifice their principles.

It wasn’t long ago that the local Democratic Party, of which Waring Fincke is a prominent member, entertained a speaker on the issue of standardized assessments.  They seem to be a little late on this issue and perhaps didn’t attend the earlier sessions offered by conservative organizations entertaining conservative speakers.  Be that as it may, I, too, oppose the standardized tests and accountability demanded by many a Republican and Democrat legislator.  So, Waring and I have something else in common, though perhaps not for the same reasons.


2131, 18 March 2015


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