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2154, 03 Mar 15

Walker Supports Eliminating Handgun Waiting Period


MADISON —Gov. Scott Walker has thrown his support to a bill that would eliminate Wisconsin’s 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases.

Walker said he wants the state to be a leader on the issue. Walker’s remarks came in an interview last week with the National Rifle Association’s news network, the Wisconsin State Journal reported Tuesday.

A bill before legislators would eliminate Wisconsin’s 40-year-old law that requires the wait between the time a background check is submitted to the Department of Justice and a handgun is acquired.

The waiting period is a hassle, but not that big of a deal. But in the age of almost instant background checks, it is also wholly unnecessary. It makes sense to scrap it.


2154, 03 March 2015


  1. Ryan Morgan

    “Walker said he wants the state to be a leader on the issue.”

    Hmmm, wonder why he cares how Wisconsin compares with other states on this. Oh, right, the whole president fantasy thing. So cute.

    It is an odd feeling that all these policies that I largely or completely support are being pushed through, but for the entirely wrong reasons. I guess it is still a positive. It is just an odd situation.

  2. Sandra Penzkover

    Surely it makes sense to get more guns out faster. Just in case you don’t get it I’ll explain I was being sarcastic!!!

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