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2043, 04 Feb 15

Barrett’s Trolley Takes Future Funds from Schools

Dang it… I hate it when I agree with Robert Miranda.

Unless I have this all figured wrong, which I’m sure I do in the eyes of the mayor, the politicians, the developers and a host of business and community people in support of the streetcar, can someone please explain how is it that our city will benefit from funding the streetcar, more than Milwaukee will benefit from funding our system of public education?

There is no explanation. There can’t be a logical explanation to siphon future funds from MPS. For MPS to lose $40 million dollars in future revenue created by any tax supported project is a travesty.

The mayor says he’s betting on the future of Milwaukee. Well, he’s betting money that should be placed on a sure bet, and that is education, not the streetcar.


2043, 04 February 2015

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    That makes 2 of us.

    Robert Miranda was always of hostile left wing dictator when I went to UW Milwaukee with him.

    It kills me even more than you to agree with him on something!

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