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2137, 20 Jan 15

UW’s Tin Ear

John Torinus has an excellent column regarding the organization of the UW System. Read the whole thing.

Credit UW – Madison for also having a tin ear.

Economic development in Wisconsin is largely happening at the regional level. The regions are smart enough to know that it is engineers who are the fulcrum for business expansions, innovations and startups in their parts of the state. They know those three ingredients are the basis for new jobs, better wages and prosperity. The state could use a lot more engineers.

So why doesn’t Chancellor Blank listen to the leaders in those regions? The University was founded on the bedrock of the Wisconsin Idea, which says that the boundaries of the university (including the flagship campus) are the boundaries of the state.

We Badgers all love our world-class University of Wisconsin – Madison and what it does for the world. But it needs to be global-local. It needs do break-through research, turn out national leaders, but also tend to the needs of the state. It needs to multi-task. It should assist rather than thwart the engineering consortium, which will inevitably become a source of transfers and graduate engineering students for the high-end Madison campus.

Regents, take note: a lot of good students can’t get into Madison out of high school. A lot of them can’t afford to go UW – Madison; they need to live at home and start their college careers locally. They are place-bound for one reason or another.

Part of the erosion of the Wisconsin Idea is structural; part is cultural; part is financial.


2137, 20 January 2015

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Much of the problem is lack of focus over the entire UW system.

    When the 5 year UW graduation rate is hovering around 50%, time to sweep out a chunk of the 50% not taking it seriously.

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