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2137, 22 Dec 14

Anti-Walker Madison Judge Throws Out Gun Rights Case

Chris Rickert has a good piece of what’s happening in Madison with their bus policy forbidding concealed weapons.

Last week, a judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging Madison’s ban on carrying weapons on Metro buses, largely because the ban is a “policy” — not a more formal ordinance or resolution — and thus does not run afoul of the state’s three-year-old law allowing people to carry concealed weapons.

I suppose that could mean the floodgates are now open for every anti-gun community in Wisconsin. Don’t worry about violating state law with an anti-gun ordinance; just deploy the anti-gun policy.

More likely is that Madison has been the beneficiary of some sloppily written legislation, with maybe an assist from a judge who during her campaign made it clear she was no fan of the governor who signed the concealed-carry bill into law.


2137, 22 December 2014


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