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1711, 05 Dec 14

Brown County To Consider Extending Sales Tax

Don’t do it! You’ll be like Washington County that agreed to a “temporary” sales tax to fund some capital improvements and has had it ever since – despite the original justification having ended long ago.

Heated argument could begin as early as Monday on whether Brown County should enact a 0.5 percent sales tax as soon as the stadium tax ends in 2015.

Brown County Supervisor Dan Robinson has asked the board’s Executive Committee to consider whether a referendum should be placed on the April 2015 ballot asking county residents to weigh in on the topic.


Brown County voters in 2001 passed the Stadium tax by a 53-47 margin. The vote allowed a 0.5 percent sales tax, with the money dedicated to Lambeau Field renovation and subsequent maintenance, and under the condition that the tax expire. That’s scheduled to happen at the end of September 2015.

Opponents of a county sales tax have long expressed the worry that the 2001 vote would open the door to a continued tax despite the sunset condition. Last year, the Brown County Taxpayers Association sought to get candidates for elected office to sign a pledge against extending the tax for county use.


1711, 05 December 2014


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