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0211, 20 Nov 14

Neenah Cuts Pay for Underperforming Teachers

The fact that it is news that three – THREE – teachers in the entire state are only now seeing a reduction in compensation due to poor performance is an indication of just how cushy their compensation plans were. This is something that happens on a regular basis in other parts of the economy.

Three teachers in the Neenah Joint School District received pay cuts this year, a first in the post-Act 10 era for educators who formerly had one of the most lucrative salary-and-benefits packages in the state.

The educators had less-than-satisfactory job performances during the 2013-14 school year, said Jim Strick, the school district’s communications manager. They are now on an improvement plan, but Strick said he cannot comment on what could happen if the teachers don’t make progress.


0211, 20 November 2014


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