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1253, 15 Nov 14

DOT Asks for More Spending; More Taxes

Given that the Republican majority in the Wisconsin legislature was just strengthened and made more conservative by the voters based on a campaign of fiscal conservatism, I hope that this proposal goes nowhere. If not, it will be an early indication of the Republicans going squishy.

MADISON, Wis. — Taxes and fees for drivers in Wisconsin would go up by $751 million over the next two years, including everything from a higher tax on gasoline to a new annual fee on those who drive fuel-efficient hybrid and electric vehicles, under the state Department of Transportation Budget submitted Friday.


1253, 15 November 2014


  1. Steve Austin

    When I saw this last night I had first though that Burke won the election.

    Higher gas tax? 2.5% surcharge on new cars sold in Wisconsin?

    Was this Gottlieb’s idea to float this out there? If this was his own doing, Walker needs to replace him.

    If Walker let him do it, then for shame.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Gottlieb has always been a RINO.

    Given how overbuilt the freeways are in the Fox Valley, the DOT could use a BUDGET CUT!

    I point out Hwy 10 from Oshkosh to Stevens Point. I drive it on my way to Minneapolis and its great, but it was not needed to be built on that cadillac level.

    The overbuilt bridges and interchanges on Hwy 41 in Fox Valley and where Hwy 10 and Hwy 110 meet is another perfect example why DOT can do with less!!!

    Walker should fire him and propose a gas tax cut!

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