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1857, 07 Nov 14

When Getting Advice, Consider the Source

Now that’s funny.

You absolutely can NOT make this stuff up.   While Mary Burke and the Dem party was begging you for money, her top campaign adviser was sending thousands to the Republicans!   Let than sink in for a minute.   In the meantime, Mary Burke was paying Ms. Bjork $10,000/Month of YOUR money to advise her.

Apparently Burke knows how to choose top talent.


1857, 07 November 2014


  1. Steve Austin

    I had to read and re-read a number of posts on Capper’s blog to try and understand the players and what he was getting at.

    I would say the fact a married couple can be hyperactive in politics and one D and one R is sort of interesting. Tells me their real love is money.

  2. Owen

    Yeah, Simpson isn’t always the most cogent of writers.

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