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1924, 07 Nov 14

Prosecutors Give Up on John Doe

Of course… the election is over now. Tell me again that the John Doe wasn’t politically motivated…

By M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON, Wis. – In a court filing that one constitutional law expert calls a “stunning reversal,” the Government Accountability Board appears to concede that the “legal theory” driving the secret John Doe investigation into Wisconsin conservatives is legally “indefensible.”

A joint motion filed by both parties on Election Day in U.S. District Court in Milwaukee stipulates that a court-issued injunction preventing the accountability board and Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm from enforcing a constitutionally suspect section of Wisconsin campaign finance law will remain in force.

The agreement also halts further proceedings before U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa, while Milwaukee-based Citizens for Responsible Government Advocates, a conservative 501(c)(4) group, petitions the state Supreme Court to hear the case.


1924, 07 November 2014


  1. Kay

    Owen, in reality things are more nuanced than the headline suggests. While this link is to an opinion piece in the MJS, it accurately describes what is going on in this matter.

    “But last week, the two sides agreed to halt the case before Randa and ask the state Supreme Court to take up claims that Chisholm and the accountability board are not properly interpreting campaign finance laws.”

  2. steveegg

    Plus, the word of the GAB isn’t worth the paper it is written on. Just ask Wisconsin Club for Growth, which (along with One Wisconsin Now) had a similar draft consent agreeent with the GAB (not ratified by the courts, specifically if memory serves Barbara Crabb) 2 years before the GAB decided to tag-team with Chisholm to blatantly violate said consent agreement.

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