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0549, 04 Nov 14

Rabid Walker Vandalizes Property

I wrote a headline from the lefty perspective for this post. Good, eh? In any case, I guess he’s lost the Minnesota vote.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker might have committed a political version of football’s unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on a piece of material that will be part of the Minnesota Vikings new $1 billion stadium.

According to the New York Times, Walker says he wrote a little message on one of the beams to be used in the roof.

What’s it say? “Go Packers.”


0549, 04 November 2014


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Great political move.

    Giving the people in Minnesota a chance to have a stadium with a professional football team name on it.

  2. steveegg

    That reminds me…

    Why doesn’t Fargo have a pro football team? If they did, the Twin Cities would demand one too.

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