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0639, 02 Nov 14

Early Voting Turnout Increased

Good point by yoSAMite.

We were told that by unifying the voting times for every Wisconsinite, Republicans would be disenfranchising minorities, the elderly, students and the other built in Democrat casualty groups.  In fact the change to give every Badger voter (and those traveling up from Illinois) uniform voting times was suppose to bring the apocalypse of voting.
It didn’t.
In fact 8,557 more people early voted this year than did in 2010 and 5,309 more than in the recall election. And that is with less hours available to vote. It seems the disenfranchised really aren’t. These groups the Democrats consistently underestimate are far more resourceful than they are given credit for.

0639, 02 November 2014


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