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1856, 31 Oct 14

No Confidence in Flynn


Nearly 100% of Milwaukee police officers who participated in a union vote signaled they have no confidence in Police Chief Edward Flynn, the police union announced Friday.

Two dozen officers gathered in the City Hall rotunda Friday morning to reveal the results of the nonbinding vote, which union leaders said they hoped would get the attention of Mayor Tom Barrett, the Common Council and the city’s Fire and Police Commission.

After his office was presented with the results, Barrett quickly released a statement saying he has “complete confidence in (Flynn) and the hardworking members of the rank and file.”

The union said 99.3% of members who voted chose no-confidence in Flynn. The union did not disclose the total number of members who voted but indicated it was a higher than average turnout.


1856, 31 October 2014


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Flynn is done being a leader in that department.

    Its unfortunate Flynn capitulated to the political element that advocates we look the other way at lawlessness.

    If an officer cannot defend himself, without being fired, after being beaten by the suspect with his own night stick, that is one bad police chief. (Yes I know he was fired for the call on the search, (which is Flynn’s nonsense excuse) but the officer followed the guidelines on the patdowm to the letter in the MPD manuel…that’s why the officers are upset.)

    This is what happens when you do not have a great leader, like Sherriff Clarke, running things.

    I hope the City of Milwaukee has to pay out millions in the wrongful termination lawsuit…the bad leaders of Milwaukeee deserve it.

  2. the bystander

    How did Jessica McBride vote?

  3. Robert

    McBride voted the same way some shitbag troll named Bystander did.

  4. Pat

    Walker should have dealt with those unionistas with act 10.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Hate to break it to you, but Act 10 would not prevent this kind of advisory vote about the poor leadership of DEMOCRAT, Tom Barrett and Chief Flynn.

    What is shocking is: Barrett and Flynn ignoring the union on this.

    If they Barrett and Flynn truly support the union, they should be re-hiring the officer and giving him an apology and back pay.

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