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1932, 25 Oct 14

Chisholm’s Attack on Free Speech

George Will nails it.

But Chisholm’s aim — to have a chilling effect on conservative speech — has been achieved by bombarding Walker supporters with raids and subpoenas: Instead of raising money to disseminate their political speech, conservative individuals and groups, harassed and intimidated, have gone into a defensive crouch, raising little money and spending much money on defensive litigation. Liberal groups have not been targeted for their activities that are indistinguishable from those of their conservative counterparts.

Such misbehavior takes a toll on something that already is in short supply: belief in government’s legitimacy. The federal government’s most intrusive and potentially punitive institution, the IRS, unquestionably worked for Barack Obama’s reelection by suppressing activities by conservative groups. Would he have won if the government he heads had not impeded political participation by many opposition groups? We will never know.

Would the race between Walker and Democrat Mary Burke be as close as it is if a process susceptible to abuse had not been so flagrantly abused to silence groups on one side of Wisconsin’s debate? Surely not.


1932, 25 October 2014


  1. Paulie Walnuts

    Link doesn’t appear to work (feel free to delete this).

  2. Owen

    Thanks. Try that. I suspect it was blogger error

  3. foo

    Seems a little early to be playing the victim card strategy.

    If pity garnered votes, Barrett would be governor.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    I hope its enough to expose liberal anti-free speech Nazis.

  5. The Bystander

    That’s the problem with witch hunts; sometimes you find a witch with a bald spot.

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