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0705, 21 Oct 14

Abele to Release Doe Docs

Soooo… with two weeks before the election, Chris Abele, a committed Democrat who has given tens of thousands of dollars to Walker’s opponent, decides to release a bunch of documents from a case that ended years ago. Nothing fishy there… uh huh…

Milwaukee County officials are planning to release thousands of emails prosecutors collected during the first secret investigation into Gov. Scott Walker’s former aides and associates when he was county executive.

A spokesman for Chris Abele, the county’s current executive, says Abele’s office will make nearly 16,000 emails and attachments that prosecutors seized from county and personal computers available Tuesday.

For the lefties who think this is not a politically motivated attack by Abele, as yourselves… why not wait two weeks until after the election? What would be harmed? Or for that matter, why didn’t he release them months ago when he released the rest of the documents?

The reason is obvious. Abele is using everything he has to aid the Burke campaign. I sure hope that Burke is counting Abele’s contribution as an in-kind contribution.


0705, 21 October 2014


  1. The Bystander

    Will Gov. Walker be counting the partisan support of your blog as an in-kind contribution? I’m sure it’s only a coincidence that your blog reappeared in time to spend the last few weeks shilling for Walker and bashing Burke. I hope there’s no coordination between you and other Republican groups. Hmmmmm just wondering.

  2. foo

    I thought coordination was okay since Rudy Brenda said so?

    Be careful what you wish for:)

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