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0622, 17 Oct 14

Burke Would Abandon Current Job If She Wins

What?!?! Mary Burke wouldn’t finish her term if she wins higher office? Shocking!

Mary Burke would leave her seat on the Madison School Board if she prevails in the Nov. 4 gubernatorial election, a campaign spokesman said Thursday.

Of course, this would make perfect sense. But the lefties don’t seem to think that’s appropriate when it comes to Republicans.


0622, 17 October 2014


  1. Paulie Walnuts

    I was about to say “how do you resign from a permanent sabbatical,” but had neglected to remember she had that school board position.

  2. AnonyBob

    Seriously, Owen? I guess I have to point out to the logic-impaired among you that Burke did not run for election or reelection to the school board while laying the groundwork for election to higher office at the same time.

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