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1632, 27 Sep 14

Walker May Not Finish Term

I do get a chuckle out of the fact that the very same liberals who are griping that Walker may not serve an entire term are the same ones who attempted a recall to prevent him from finishing his first.

While Gov. Scott Walker lays out plans for a second term in Madison, he will not promise to serve the entire four years if the 2016 national elections beckon.


1632, 27 September 2014


  1. Steve Austin

    I’m not a fan of this. I love the guy but don’t really want him to leave Wisconsin and do not think he’s got the charisma to be the nominee in 2016.

    For the 3-5% of undecideds who will decide this election, my take is that this is viewed as a negative. i.e. WI GOV might not be good enough for him, so if the job isn’t good enough for him, why spend my vote on him.

    Would much prefer him to say he needs to stay here and finish turning this State around the next four years.

  2. Owen

    I agree. I would like to see him stay and while it would be cool to see him run for president, I don’t think he has the juice to win. I’ve been wrong before, though.

    Still, I don’t have a problem with him not promising. He is being burned on the 250,000 jobs and doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

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