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2053, 21 Sep 14

More Cut and Paste in Burke’s Plans

Geez. I just submitted a column about her other plagiarism and it’s already out of date.

Sections of Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke’s veterans and rural communities plans appear to copy text directly from a variety of sources.

The sources include, but are not limited to, academic journals and reports, and a local newspaper column.

In other instances, the sources are linked in plan’s footnotes, though Burke’s plan makes little effort to indicate that not just the source, but the words themselves were taken from the sources.

I’ll point out again that virtually every negative story about Burke comes from national news outlets. The Wisconsin media is seemingly incapable of finding these stories. Or, more likely, they are unwilling to do so.


2053, 21 September 2014

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  1. Steve Austin

    Deep down no Madison liberal or unionista can identity with Burke. If they could, she wouldn’t have had to have spent $128,000 to get elected to the Madison school board AFTER having a high Madison profile by virtue of being WI commerce secretary for a couple years prior.

    They know she’s an intellectually vacuous pantsuit who is also a trust fund baby. Two things they hate. But they will hold their nose and throw their hypocrisy to the wind because that’s what they need to do on November 4th.

    But it is killing them to have to defend her.

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