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2038, 19 Sep 14

“criminal law… has become a political weapon”

Rick Esenberg is sharing with the world via the Wall Street Journal what we in Wisconsin already know.

In the meantime, because details of the prosecutors’ investigation remain secret, both the media and liberal partisans have been free to speculate about what is happening—aided by documents that have leaked or been selectively released for legal reasons. None of them reflect illegal activity by the governor or the targeted groups, but the local press is deeply invested in the idea that there must be a story somewhere. It pounces on each detail. Because campaign-finance law is extraordinarily complex, some voters will interpret a headline as proof that someone must have done something wrong. And that’s the whole idea. In Wisconsin, criminal law—wielded selectively and aggressively—has become a political weapon.



2038, 19 September 2014

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Hateful liberals train on this kind of oppression early.

    At UW-Milwaukee, and Editor in chief of conservative newspaper, I was hauled in front of academic tribunals for speech content of the paper.

    I had to have a whole team of first amendment lawyers on speed dial.

    The issue that got me hauled the most infront of the oppressive UW Milwaukee liberal hit squads is when we editorialized against the UPASS program the UW administration was trying to implement. It amounted to a $160 MCTS tax on poor college students PER SEMESTER.

    Had I not had lawyers involved, I think I would have been expelled from UW-Milwaukee. It was like speaking against the Barrett streetcar at a Barrett campaign meeting when you witnessed the hateful liberal venom.

    This is why I always considered it partriotic opposing liberalism, because if liberals are in charge, the 1st amendment (as well as the other 9 amendments in the Bill of rights) is used toilet paper.

    Don’t get me started on my liberal hit squad sales tax audit under Jim Doyle….

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