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1717, 18 Sep 14

Walker “Savings” Ad


That’s a good ad. Plain ol’ kitchen table economics.


1717, 18 September 2014

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  1. Steve Austin

    Ok, this one was a good start.

    He still needs to consider adding to his ad series the following:

    1) Taxes raised by Doyle each year versus cut by Walker

    2) Unemployment rate in WI over the last four years, showing the downward trend to today’s 5.6%

    3) This one needs research if accurate, but are there more teachers working in WI today versus four years ago? If so, show it. I think there might actually be, which would negate some crap that he’s not spending enough on education.

    4) Again needs research, but what was the total outlay in gross State spending each year the last four years? I’m guessing larger dollars than in the prior four years, which would undercut the idea that somehow he’s strangled “education”, the “environment”, etc. i.e govt is now providing just as many services but more efficiently.

    5) Voter ID – Commonsense reform we enacted. Have him explain in plain words how easy it is to get an ID and then use it to vote. But mention how hard his opponents blocked it.

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