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1734, 17 Sep 14

Walker and Burke Tied

The Rasmussen and Marquette polls for Wisconsin are out. They both show a statistical tie between Walker and Burke.



Given the fact that the Democrats have dominated the media airwaves all summer, the John Doe prosecutors continue to operate for the benefit of the Burke campaign, and the mainstream media has completely passed on challenging Burke on anything of substance while hammering Walker, these polls are positive numbers for Walker. That being said, Walker still has a lot of work to do in the next 7 weeks to close the deal.


1734, 17 September 2014


  1. foo

    I have always admired your sense of humor:)

  2. Steve Austin

    I keep waiting for that Scott Walker ad with the simple graph showing the gross dollar amount of tax increases in each of the biennial budgets from 2002-2010 versus the gross tax decreases in the two Walker budgets.

    Such easy bar graphs to produce. Ridiculously powerful.

    But we keep getting ads with Walker inside a sinkhole.

    Walker has so much good material to work with and he’s ignoring much of it.

  3. Owen

    Yeah, I’m not impressed with his campaign material so far. He has the substance but seems reluctant to own it.

  4. Steve Austin

    He’s got to own it and fast otherwise as Belling said tonight, we could have Jim Doyle in a wig as our next Governor.

    The bright side of that poll was Franklin noting the intensity gap for Walker revving up. If conservatives could rally in two weeks to save David Clark, we sure as heck better be able to get Scott Walker to 52% of the vote come November 4th.

    Also encouraging was the Happ/Schimmel race locking up. The cluster that is Susan Happ is starting to take effect in the minds of the voter.

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