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2124, 16 Sep 14

Schimel Proposes Moving Prosecutors Under DOJ

Interesting idea.

Brown County District Attorney David Lasee can’t say whether his office would gain if state prosecutors were all put under the state Department of Justice’s umbrella, but he has no doubt that his and other DA’s offices need help.

Lasee was responding to a proposal by Brad Schimel, the Republican candidate for Wisconsin attorney general, to make the organizational shift. The state’s 400 prosecutors are employees of the state Department of Administration, and Schimel says that doesn’t work.

“They’re the department of everything,” Schimel said. “We’re very low on their priority list.”

But the shift would nearly double the size of the Department of Justice, and dealing with prosecutor shortages would be a major priority under that arrangement, which would require enabling legislation, Schimel said.

On the surface it makes sense and I don’t see a downside.


2124, 16 September 2014


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