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0700, 11 Sep 14

Walker Announced New ID Process to Facilitate Voter ID


Madison – Today, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Division of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Health Services announced a new process regarding photo identification cards.  Since 2011 Act 23, the DMV has been issuing free photo identification cards to those who need one to vote.  Now, DMV is additionally offering to verify underlying documents, free of charge, to make sure everyone who wants an ID for the purpose of voting, is able to get one.

“While most voters have identification, or the ability to get an ID, this verification system provides an option for the very small number of people who do not, without any cost to them,” Governor Walker said.  “It’s imperative that we ensure access, and protect the integrity of the voting process, so all voters can be confident in the system.”

The no-charge verification process will be fully operational on Monday, September 15.  Applicants can obtain more information about the process online at or by calling 608-266-1069.

Senator Mary Lazich, Representative Mark Born, and Representative Michael Schraa have been instrumental with their efforts to safeguard the vote of Wisconsin citizens.


0700, 11 September 2014


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